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The Global Research and Analyses for Public Health network is building a sustainable, multidisciplinary collaborative network that supports disease surveillance and data analysis for public health risks across the globe. Training of local researchers and strong links to country governments and the World Health Organization are central pillars of the network. We have supported COVID-19 response in the WHO AFRO region, and now are focused on further co-developing our epidemic data management, analysis, and reporting tool for integrating into partner country public health decision-making workflows.






African partners


Our group supports different aspects of health information across the world in collaboration with organization, WHO, UNIGE etc.

Data Scraping

We search the web for reliable data that countries aren't able to give us directly eg. OWID. This data is incorporated automatically into the report and will be used for verifying and comparing processes.

Literature Review

We have developed a tool that is able to retrieve articles by broad subject, and uses an algorithm to split these articles by a more specific subject, therefore increasing efficiency in finding and reviewing relevant literature

Epidemiological Reports

Our analysis consist of three main criteria data cleaning, data analysis and producing weekly and monthly reports. We have organized a pipeline for this procedure and check the quality of them as well too.

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