Data Analysts And Epidemiologists

Erol Orel

Data Analysis Coordinator

Olena Wagner

Funding Acquisition

MSc in Global Health from UNIGE, specialisation in access to medicines and bioethics. Working on issues of access to care worldwide.

Bertil Wicht

Data Analysis Training Program Coordinator

I like people and computers. equally.

Benedict Nguimbis

Data Analysis Training Program Coordinator (In country expert)

MPH in Epidemiology, MSc in Clinical Trials Candidate

Emile Haas

Data analyst Mentor

CS student @ UNIGE


Epidemiologist (In Country Expert)

Ecoepidemiologist at the Ministry of Public Health and researcher at the research and training unit in ecology and control of infectious diseases at the University of Kinshasa.

Papa Amadou Niang Diallo

Epidemiologist and Data analyst (In Country Expert)

Epidemiologist analyst

Broohm Beni

Data Analyst

Data analyst @ GRAPH Network

Verena Ilona Carrara

Data Analyst

Research physician interested in infectious diseases control and epidemiology

Adrian Lison

Data Analyst

Data scientist specialised in statistical time series analysis.

Lucas Monteiro Bianchi

Data Analyst

PhD Student who loves coding.

Kayleigh Gallagher

Data Analyst

PhD student in disease ecology at the University of Liverpool

Kathleen Lindsey

Data Analyst

Currently finishing an MPH in Epidemiology, researching influences on RIDT accuracy

Lou Locci

Data Analyst

Young bioengineer happy to work on project with a direct impact on human health.

Artur Manuel Muloliwa

Data Analyst (In Country Expert)

Dr. Artur Manuel Muloliwa, MD, MHSM, PhD.

Leckson Mukavhi

Data Analyst

Leckson Mukavhi is a multi-talented mathematician , data analyst and public health student passionate in data.

Julius Ssempiira

Data Analyst

Julius has a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from University of Basel and a Master’s degree of statistics from Makerere University (Uganda).

Martin Alexis

Data Analyst

Master in mathematics ; MAS in teaching

Hemanth Reddy Kodakandla

Data analyst (Junior)

Information Science Student at Syracuse University.


Data Analyst

Izabel Reis is a Biologist with experience in spatial analysis, remote sensing and statistical modelling applied to infectious diseases.

Daniel Câmara

Data Analyst

Entomologist and epidemiologist interested in space-time modelling.

Jyoti Dalal

Data Analyst

A physicist by training with 3-4 years of experience in the area of computational biology.

Tchaa Abalo BAKAI

Data Analyst

Epidemiologist. Researcher at EPIMOD, Malaria specialist and National and West African expert in vector control (GIV-AO).

Anne Thomas

Data Analyst

Infectious diseases modeller and epidemiologist.

Moussa Bougma

Data Analyst (In Country Expert)

Réseaux de solidarité, Fécondité, Sécurité alimentaire, Santé de la reproduction.

Nicolas Voirin

Data Analyst

Infectious diseases modeller and epidemiologist.

Anatole Mian

Data Analyst

mathematician biostatistician, expert in R/QGIS/ODK and data management and analysis.

Maroussia Roelens

Data Analyst

Science engineer interested in epidemiology, bio-engineering, data analysis, astrophysics and computer sience.

Cristina Hofer


Maternal-child Infectious diseases specialist and Epidemiologist.

Adit Kaneria

Data analyst (Junior)

I am doing my postgraduate studies in Information Management at Syracuse University, USA. Specializing in Data Science, I wish to leverage data to improve the healthcare sector.

Ajay K Gupta

HSR Partner (Risk Mapping)

Expert in cybersecurity & Health IT. Lover of Sports & Karaoke.

Ram Peruvemba

HSR Partner (Risk Mapping)

Board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management physician, Golfer, Runner, Guitarist.

Paul Churchyard

HSR Partner (Risk Mapping)

Geo-nerd, Public Health Advocate, DJ, Creator of Mix Tapes.

Uche Ejedoghaobi

HSR Partner (Risk Mapping)

Experienced PharmD transitioned into public health.

Kaba Gole Harding Cyrille

Data Analyst (In Country Expert)

Anjali Chintam

Data Analyst (Junior)

David Chipanta

Data Analyst